Inner Coaching and Outer Business Strategies...

If you are not familiar with the coaching process, the five steps listed below will give you an idea of how we will go about working on your "inner" barriers that are preventing you from having the success that you desire. My unique two-step approach of inner coaching and outer business strategies ensures you receive everything you need to become a successful studio owner.

  1. Uncover the True You: We will step into an exploration of who you are and what you truly want in your photography business and life. Together, we will explore your current situation and satisfaction with the different areas of your business, as well as your attitudes and beliefs about being an entrepreneur in today's economy. From here, we will define success as it aligns with your vision and we will identify and prioritize where you want to go by establishing a roadmap that meets your needs.
  2. Knocking Down the Barriers: We will do some heavy lifting in this step by identifying the hidden obstacles that are getting in your way. In business it could be your marketing, pricing, actual client attraction, time management, financial systems, workflow or client followup. We will discover the outer and inner blocks to your life balance and success and develop strategies to overcome them. This is where you will learn to quiet that inner critic that's telling you that you are not good enough to succeed.
  3. Create a path that moves you forward: In this step, you will develop a well-rounded, crystal clear plan with that provides a results-driven approach for meeting your goals and aspirations. You will now be free to take the positive action required to grow your business!
  4. Ready! Aim! Fire! then check the Target: Together we will implement strategies that will help you manage your time, increase your productivity and reconnect you to your passion and creativity that inspired you initially. You will see positive shifts in your personal and business energy! This is indeed an exciting time!
  5. Strategic Success that is sustainable:  This is the final step of the journey in which you will have all the strategies in place that will give you higher energy, greater peace of mind, and full satisfaction with your business and lifestyle. You will no longer need my services as you will be fully inspired to move you and your business Onward to Excellence!


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